Our Story

Through many long days on skin tracks and skiing powder, rain & everything in-between in the coastal and interior mountains of BC we cycled through various pieces of headwear, yet we could never find anything that worked as well as the rest of the gear we were used to using every day. Toques (beanies for you non-Canadians) were warm and packable but became wetted out from exertion or heavy snowfall. Caps kept the snow out of your eyes but didn’t provide any warmth and are a pain to stash in a pack for the down.

We believed there had to be a better solution and as a group leaning towards the gear-nerd/entrepreneurial side we set out to develop the perfect winter adventure companion for your head. From this, our first product was born in November 2022 just in time for winter. After a year out in the mountains, we’re back with a refined insulated 5-panel in four different colourways - the Monashee. We’re also launching our second hat, the Tantalus, a non-insulated 5-panel, designed for those warmer days or for those who run warmer.

A third big change for winter 23/24 is moving our manufacturing to our home market of Canada. Using a local manufacturer to shorten our supply chain has been a goal of ours from day 1 and we’re excited to have achieved it early in our history. This not only has the benefit of decreasing our carbon footprint but also helps us design, sample and test products much faster moving forward - so stay tuned for the results of this soon!

Have a great winter wherever you may be and we hope your Passage hat becomes a close companion throughout.

Steven, Chris & Chris